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Nectar Injector - Retro Man

Nectar Injector - Retro Man

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Retro Man has an 80's look Acrylic handle and a gorgeous Clear Quartz Stone Carb cap.    The Nectar Injector is a unique, multi-functional dab tool allowing you to collect and inject various concentrates into your favorite smoking device.   All Nectar Injectors are limited edition, hand crafted and customizable.  With our interchangeable, natural stone carb caps, you can change the look and feel of your unit at any time.  Simply stamp your product into the Titanium collection tube, and inject into your bowl.  Take a small dab, or a monster snake-like dab.  You have total control of what goes in the tube and what you push out. Product will never spill from the tool once loaded. Flip unit to use Stone as a Carb cap on end of spring push rod.



Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the 2nd most common mineral in the Earth’s crust. A transparent stone, the clear quartz has a complete lack of color or flaws.  It is highly used as jewelry and crystal glassware. It is associated with the crown Chakra and may have influence on the brain, unlocking psychic abilities and restoring memory.

nectar injector example

Nectar injectar example

nectar injector example



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